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Satellite Dish Heaters

A satellite dish antenna heater will typically work better than a satellite dish cover as it will always, eventually rid the dish of snow and ice buildup. We offer several satellite dish heaters, heating systems and accessories to fit almost every residential and commercial satellite dish antenna system on the market, and the largest selection of satellite dish antenna heaters on the internet! If you are not sure which dish you have, visit our sister site at to view pictures, size information, and direct links to heaters and covers for YOUR dish!

ICE ZAPPER Universal Satellite Dish Antenna Heaters: A universal 110v satellite dish antenna heater that sticks to the back of any metal 1.0m (40") or less satellite dish. One model is thermostatically controlled, and another new model is "always on" to prevent snow and ice buildup. Just plug it into an extension cord or outlet and you'll be good to go! The ICE ZAPPER is the easiest heating system to install and will work on any 18" - 39" metal dish antenna.

HOT SHOT Satellite Dish Antenna Heaters: The Hot Shot brand is preferred by installers as they are a 24vdc heater that can be powered over a spare coaxial cable to the dish, and they do an excellent job at keeping snow and ice from affecting your signal. Hot Shot Heaters usually stick to the front of your satellite dish face and DO NOT affect signal strength. The benefit to the Hot Shot series of heaters is that they offer optional arm elements and feed horn elements as well, so you can keep your entire dish free of snow and ice and they only use 24 vdc to operate... plus... the Hot Shot heaters will work on fiberglass and composite dish antennas as well, such as the DirecWay / HughesNet dish antennas!

Walton Commercial Forced Air Satellite Antenna Heating Systems: Walton is considered the leader in commercial satellite dish covers and forced air heating systems for the larger VSAT satellite antenna systems. We are proud to offer the Walton product line!

Andrew Commercial Active VSAT De-ice Systems: If you have an Andrew or Channel Master VSAT antenna system, we have the add-on half and full dish 110v and 220v Andrew Heating systems and accessories for your needs!


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