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Satellite Internet

We offer almost every fixed,portable, mobile, transportable satellite Internet system on the market today!  Satellite Internet systems provide Internet / Intranet access to almost anywhere with a clear view of the southern skies! Residential Satellite Internet systems such as HughesNet, Exede, WildBlue and Starband provide basic Internet access for surfing and e-mailing for the casual user, and some systems even support VoIP or Telephone-Over-Internet applications as well! Small Business / Commercial systems such as HughesNet Business, HughesNet Galaxy SkyData, iDirect, Spacenet, Tachyon, Gilat and others offer support for multiple concurrent users and connections and for bandwidth intense applications such as VoIP, VPN, Remote Desktop, and more!

Let us help you select the system and service that's right for your needs and budget!  Contact us for details!




HughesNet is a well known residential satellite Internet system that provides basic internet access and e-mailing to homes and small businesses in rural areas. We are specialists in providing portable / mobile equipment and services, so we are a leading provider of the HughesNet Ku Band HN7000s equipment and services that are very popular for those who need a system that can be moved around as needed and used on temporary or permanent basis!  We also offer the HughesNet Spaceway, HughesNet Jupiter Gen4 and the newest, fastest HughesNet Jupiter Gen5 Systems and Services!

  • Residential and Small Business Applications
  • Basic Internet access for surfing, e-mailing, etc. for 1 - 3 concurrent users
  • VoiP (Telephone) services are available in some areas!
  • Portable / Mobile services are available on the HughesNet HN7000s platform and the new Gen5 Jupiter platform!
  • Upfront Equipment / Installation Costs (Ka Band): $99 - $999)
  • Upfront Equipment / Installation Costs (Ku Band): $700 - $1300)
  • Monthly Service Plans (Ka Band): $59.95+  (Our most popular Ka band plans are around $59.95 - $119.95 per month)
  • Monthly Service Plans (Ku Band): $99.00+  (Our most popular Ku band plan is $109.00 per month)




Exede (formerly WildBlue) is also a well known residential / small business satellite Internet solution for homes or businesses in rural or remote areas!  Exede offers some of the fastest speeds available in satellite Internet equipment and services!  Exede uses the Ka band and therefore the equipment can't be moved around or self-installed!  (We do offer a mobile automatic Exede solution, but it's spendy!)

  • Residential and Small Business Applications
  • Basic Internet access for surfing, e-mailing, etc. for 1 - 3 concurrent users
  • VoiP (Telephone) services are available in some areas!
  • Upfront Equipment / Installation costs: $99+
  • Monthly Service Plans: $49.95+  (Our most popular Exede plans are the $59.95 - $69.95 per month plans!)




  • DishNet is really nothing more than a Nationwide marketing bundle offered by DISH Network that includes DISH Network Satellite Television and either Exede or HughesNet Satellite Internet services (depending on your location / market area). Whiile bundling can save you a few dollars off of your monthly service, it's just not the best solution when it comes to finding quality service and reliable support! We do not offer DISHNet simply because we are already a DISH Network dealer for satellite television and we are already a HughesNet and Exede dealer as well, so unlike those who offer the bundle and force you into one system or another, we can mix and match to make sure you get the best equipment and service solutions for your needs!




We provide a large variety of iDirect equipment and services for a variety of applications!  From the small remote home/office installations for Internet access and VoIP (Telephone) service, up to providing WiFi connectvity for hotels, campgrounds, man-camps, to Corporate / Enterprise connectivity and communications!  Our specialty is in offering iDirect portable / mobile equipment and services!

  • Home-office / Small Business / Corporate & Enterprise Applications
  • Supports basic Internet access as well as VoIP, VPN, Remote Desktop applications as well as many concurrent users / connnections
  • Larger plans support audio/video streaming for webcasts,  conferencing and even broadcasting
  • Portable / Mobile equipment and services are available
  • Equipment Costs: $1500 + for fixed or portable systems / $10,000+ for mobile automatic systems
  • Monthly Service plans: $65+   (Our most popular iDirect plans for home/office and small business plans range from $180 - $360 per month, however our larger plans to support business / enterprise applications go up from there!)



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